• Code: BRORGR250
  • Short Description: Regenerable Dissolved Organic Material Adsorption Resin for all Marine & Freshwater Aquaria.
  • Brand: Brightwell Aquatics

Improves water quality by removing latent dissolved organic material and encouraging higher oxidation-reduction potential(ORP, also known as "redox").
Removes dyes and discoloration from water.
Will not release adsorbed organic material once exhausted.
Ideal for use in small (e.g. "nano") aquaria where a protein skimmer is not feasible.
Does not actively remove trace, minor, or major elements from aquarium.
May be used in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, activated carbon.
Synthetic polymer resin beads provide for durability and excellent flow characteristics; may be employed in fluidized-bed, canister, or passive filtration.
Regenerable over 250 times, dramatically increasing cost effectiveness.

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