• Code: BRPURI250
  • Short Description: Next-Generation Chemical Filtration Media for use in all Marine and Freshwater Aquaria
  • Brand: Brightwell Aquatics

Next-generation combination of enhanced activated carbon (offering superior chemical filtration characteristics to traditional activated carbon) and NSF-grade ion-exchange and adsorptive resins to enhance removal of impurities such as chloramines, ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, silicate, heavy metals, and dissolved organic material from water.
Facilitates decomposition and oxidation/reduction reactions, enhancing oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), and improving water quality.
Improves water clarity by removing dyes and discoloration from water.
Eliminates odors caused by decaying organic material.
Removes copper from medicated systems. Removes lead and other heavy metals.
Completely safe for use in all reef, mixed-reef, fish-only, community, and planted aquaria

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